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Avoiding the use of SQL Server Express edition in an enterprise environment

In many large organizations, management of IT infrastructure is not streamlined and there may be independent departments with their own support staff and dedicated computer hardware. This is especially true in many mid tier firms and some enterprises too who have operations at multiple locales and yet lack a comprehensive IT management policy. At times individual departments or branch offices tend to make their own IT purchase decisions and this can even extend to database solutions. In an...

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Technical Aspects where the SQL Server Scores over My SQL in a .Net environment

Open source enthusiasts and countless database professionals today use the My SQL database successfully in running websites and applications. Not only is the database available for free, it does pack in quite a punch for most typical applications to run without a hassle. However the MS SQL Server has several key advantages over this cult open source database, especially if you are planning to run an application on a .Net environment.   Key Technical Aspects where MS SQL Server edges past...

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Should a Small Business Using Ms Access give a thought to MS SQL Server

When it comes to database solutions typically used in small businesses and even in mid tier firms, the Ms Access application seems to have a predominant presence. The overall ease of use that Access ingrains in itself along with its quick wizard features to create queries and forms, makes it a delight to use. In offices where technical hands are difficult to come by, Access serves a host of needs with minimum effort in learning its functioning Also the fact that it ships with the Ms Office...

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