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The PowerPivot Add In Feature expands the ease with which SQL Data can be analyzed

The Ms Excel application is without doubt the most popular spreadsheet application on the planet and has millions of avid users. Excel is typically used for analyzing data and those who are familiar with the application simply love its easy filtering and sorting features. Now if you have always wanted to read the SQL Server data in an Excel spreadsheet, it is now possible without much hassle with the PowerPivot feature. On the technology front the PowerPivot relies on SQL Server Analysis...

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Learn How SQL Server 2014 is Primed for Big Data

In today’s world dominated by user generated content and frequent data transactions, there is a need to store and understand an extensive volume of data. Now this data is getting created at every given moment, say when a purchase is made at a departmental store or when you make post on a social networking website. Big data is often used as an umbrella term to refer to large data sets, irrespective of their structure. The 2014 iteration of SQL Server seems to lay a great emphasis in making the...

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Choosing the Appropriate SQL Server 2014 Version – A Primer for Mid Tier Firms

In the business landscape, mid tier firms experience a very compelling challenge of investing in top grade IT infrastructure and platforms without the support of a large budget. So if you are given with onerous task of choosing an appropriate database solution for your company, you would have to look at both pros and cons of each edition based on your requirements. Ideally you should start with understanding your needs and jotting them down in one place. If you are looking to gain analysis or...

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