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Learn How Sleek Email and Calendar features in Ms Outlook 2013 can improve your work efficiency

In this article we would look at some of the key highlights of email and calendar features introduced in Ms Outlook 2013 and how it can jazz up your work efficiency. When the Outlook 2013 was first introduced by Microsoft, it instantly got rave reviews, both from experts and general users alike. Bundled with lots of exciting and new features, MS Outlook 2013 will surely help you make your life more organized and hassle free. Thanks to the range of sophisticated email and calendar...

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A Brief Lowdown on the AutoArchive Feature available in Ms Outlook

In this article we take a close look at the AutoArchive feature in Ms Outlook and understand how it should be best used. It has been observed that some Outlook users are afraid of archiving their mailbox. Perhaps, they are afraid of losing all their important email data once they archive it. If you are one of those people who haven’t tried archiving your old emails in MS Outlook yet, then we are here to enlighten you with some of the key advantages or using the new AutoArchive feature...

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The Ubiquitous Notes Feature in Ms Outlook packs in quite a punch

In this article we explore the Notes feature in Ms Outlook in detail and understand how you can effectively use it. The Ms Outlook application is much more than a simple email client. In fact it comes loaded with a plethora of advanced features such as the Business Contact Manager, People Hub, Calendar, Journals to name a few. Since it is overflowing with features, some of us tend to ignore the ubiquitous Notes feature. Initially conceived as a place to put down, small pieces of...

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