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Setting Up a Personalized calendar in Ms Outlook 2013 – A Primer

In this article we look at creating a customized calendar for ourselves, tailored to our needs. In this highly competitive world, only people with no responsibilities and can live a life without a calendar. Keeping this fact in mind, MS Outlook offers you with the option of Personalized Calendar Feature that can be used with utmost ease. With the Calendar Feature in Outlook, you can easily organize your days and time in a better way. Not only, does this feature enables you to schedule...

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Sharing Calendars in Ms Outlook 2013

In this article we look at sharing calendars to improve collaboration amongst colleagues and make life easy at work. Do you or your colleague at some other company get frustrated at times, when you need to fix a meeting but face difficulties, as you can’t share your personal calendars? Then, to ease you off such troubles, software behemoth Microsoft has come up with the interesting way of Sharing Calendars in MS Outlook. Reading this article, you will get acquainted with how to share...

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How to Set Desktop Alerts in Outlook 2013

In this article we would look at setting up Desktop alerts when a message arrives or a certain request is received. If you are one of those people, who hate wasting time in getting things done, then the Desktop Alerts Feature in Outlook 2013 is just meant for you. With this interesting feature, you get a visual alert in the form of a notification or a pop-up directly on your desktop whenever an email message arrives in your mailbox. However, you must remember that these desktop alert...

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