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Learn to Zoom in your email client while working together and sharing screens in Ms Outlook

At times while working together in Ms Outlook, you may need to zoom into your colleagues’ email client. Have you ever come across a situation during a meeting or event, when you had to display your computer screen to colleagues or peers? Well, then the best practice would be to zoom in the screen quickly so as to enable everyone around in a meeting or conference to check out your screen and important details on it. This is where the need to learn how to Zoom in your email client while...

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Learn to view Consecutive days in Outlook calendar with ease

In the Outlook calendar it is possible to view two consecutive days as it is possible to visit two non consecutive days too. We take it for granted that you are already aware of the Calendar feature of MS Outlook and you might have also used it too. An important thing to note here is that in the Calendar view, you get to see the days totally depending upon the view you have set for a specific time period. Chances are high that often you might have thought to view some consecutive or...

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Dealing with Outgoing Outlook Email Issues in Windows 10 OS

In this article we discuss issues experienced while sending out emails in Ms Outlook, especially while working on the Windows 10 OS We recently, noticed that a number of users are facing problems while working on Outlook on their Windows 10 Operating System. The main problem faced is that the email sent gets jammed in the Outgoing Folder without actually getting sent to the receiver. This is in fact, a very frustrating problem faced by a section of users these days who have recently...

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