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Tips to Keep an Email marked as Unread even after you have viewed it

It is possible in Outlook to make an email appear as Unread even after you have viewed it It has been observed as a common practice among a majority of Outlook users to keep important email messages as Unread, so as to remind themselves to take an action on them. However, the problem arises when you accidentally click all email messages as Unread and an important email is left out of notice to take further action from your side. So, keeping this problem in mind, we tend to give you some...

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Outlook Shortcuts – A Brief Overview

In this article we will introduce you to a range of Outlook shortcuts that are likely to come handy while you work with your favorite email client. If MS Outlook is an integral part of your professional life, then it is important that you know about the various Outlook Shortcuts. Yes, why go the long way, when you can actually save time and energy using the easy to use Outlook Shortcuts? Well, as the name suggests, the shortcuts in Outlook are the easy ways to perform different tasks....

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Learn to Highlight comments when you reply to an email

It is often crucial to highlight your comments when you send a reply to an important email. If emails are the primary form of correspondence in your business, then chances are high that at some point of time, you might have thought to highlight some comments when you reply to an email. In fact, this need mainly occurs when you are asked the same question again and again in emails by different senders and you generally reply them by “Check The Comments Below” or something like that....

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