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Effortlessly deal with Time Zone issues while fixing appointments in MS Outlook

Time zone differences can mess with your appointment settings. In this article we look at overcoming such issues in Ms Outlook. Has it ever happened to you that although you went for a meeting overseas at the right time but the day was wrong or vice versa? Well, then you have already come across the problem of different Time Zones messing up your appointments in MS Outlook. The good news is that Microsoft does allow you to easily change the time zone in its Outlook to match your present...

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Working with Quick steps in Ms Outlook 2013 iteration – Key Pointers

In this article we look at some practical pointers which we need to keep in mind while working with Quicksteps in Ms Outlook 2013 The Quick Steps feature in MS Outlook needs a special mention due its wide scope of use. As the name suggests, Quick Steps involves a set of quick steps that can help the user to apply multiple actions simultaneously to various email messages, thereby saving a lot of time and efficiency. For those who wish to manage their Inbox in a better way, Quick Steps is...

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Plan a schedule to clean your Junk folder in Ms Outlook

The Junk folder in Outlook should not be left to get bloated but needs to be periodically cleaned in a planned manner. Are you one of those people who love working on MS Outlook but hate to deal with all the spam that often clutters your inbox? Well, then you are amongst the majority of people who are still getting bugged up by the problem of spam which ends up consuming a significant amount of disk space. The most effective solution for your problem involves fixing a schedule to clean...

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