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Notes in Outlook are much more than a Digital Scratch pad

In this article we explore an array of activities where Notes can prove handy in Ms Outlook For those of you who are still unaware of what Notes are in MS Outlook, here is a detailed description. Notes in Outlook are a modern alternative for the traditional sticky paper notes used to jot down important events, reminders, ideas, queries and what not for a quick accessibility whenever required in our day to day lives. Basically, nearly text element that you want to save as information on...

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For a Small Business or team, Ms Outlook can be effectively used for task management

In this article we explore certain ideas that highlight the usability of Ms Outlook in managing tasks in a small group or in a small business setup. In any small business setup managing tasks between employees can be a challenge in absence of a proper project management tool. If you are running a small business with few employees and use Outlook for accessing your business email, there is a possibility that you can use the tool for task management. Let’s explore some ideas in this...

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Tips to help you negotiate visibility issues while reading fonts in Ms Outlook

In this article we explore changing fonts and other elements in Outlook to suit our reading needs No matter whether you have a weak eye sight or not, at times it becomes really frustrating for the users to work on MS Outlook due to poor reading fonts. Yes, this is a common problem faced by a number of users working on Outlook these days. At times, people don’t prefer using magnifier to zoom the font sizes to read emails, so what are the ways to increase the font size or manage them for...

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