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2 Steps to Make Emails Auto-Classified in Outlook

Facing many emails in Outlook, we will find it difficult to search out the emails we want. Now let’s learn how to make emails auto-classified. In our daily life, we just use Outlook to send and receive emails. For individuals, Outlook may be only a standalone email client. However, nowadays, organizations like using Outlook to manage a multiple of email accounts. Every day they will receive and send many emails. There must be hundreds of emails in their Outlook. Unquestionably, it will...

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What Should You Do When Sending Emails with Pictures?

When emails with large pictures, sending them will be difficult. In this article, we will learn to compress pictures to promote email delivery. Everyone must have found that it is too difficult to send out the emails with pictures. As we all know, it may be because that there are too many pictures or the pictures are too large. Actually in contrast with sending failure, sending slowly is a better consequence. However, I believe that both are not our ideal results. Perhaps you may...

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Attaching Files in MS Outlook from the Cloud – A Primer

Cloud storage is all rage now and Outlook 2016 builds in the capacity to attach documents from the cloud. Are you tired of looking out for files to attach in your Outlook emails every time an important attachment is needed to be sent? Then, here comes a revolutionary method for attaching files in the new MS Outlook 2016 version. Gone are the days, when you had to scroll through your system to look for the file that is to be attached and sent to the sender; now the new and amazing Cloud...

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