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Key Features that SQL Server 2016 will Roll Out

The SQL Server 2016 version is round the corner – here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect Recently, Microsoft released a sneak preview of its upcoming SQL Server 2016. This updated version will be packed with an array of interesting new features. This version is not meant only for Azure but it is an attempt to move towards both Azure SQL Database and SQL Server; meaning this time there will be a lot of room for changes to be made in a more updated version. Reading this article, you...

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How to Block Emails with Blank Senders in Outlook

I’ve ever received emails with blank senders. After doing some tests, I’ve got a good method to filter and delete them automatically. Have you ever met the same situation with me that some unknown emails with blank senders appear in inbox? I have thought a lot about the reasons why these emails can have no senders. But I haven’t got any conclusive answers. I suppose that perhaps the senders have created some special authorities, or maybe the emails are sent through some special...

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How to Define and Insert Frequently Used Texts in Outlook

When writing emails, we can insert pictures, charts and hyperlinks, etc. Moreover, we can define and insert daily used texts using Quick Parts as well in Outlook, which will improve our performance greatly. Apart from adding external materials as attachments, we can insert them directly. In general, we are accustomed to insert pictures and other multimedia resources only. In addition, we can also insert text by Outlook Quick Parts. Occasionally we are often required to type the same text...

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