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The Contacts Feature in MS Outlook Holds an Array of options to Explore

We all know about Contacts feature in Outlook – in this article we checkout its array of options. Outlook will be almost nothing without its Contact Feature that helps you connect with other important people in your life; be it personally or professionally. It is through the Contact Feature that you can easily send emails and reminders or appointment requests in MS Outlook. No matter whichever version of Outlook you are using, Contacts Feature has always been popular among the users for...

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How to Protect the Privacy of Your Outlook Emails

Unlike Outlook password, making Outlook emails private by sensitivity settings won’t require users to type in password repeatedly. Undoubtedly in order to protect our Outlook emails, we are often recommended to create an Outlook password. Perhaps at the beginning, we may feel it fantastic. However, after we find it troublesome to type in password over and over again, we tend to remove the password, which will require a lot of time and some external tools. It is apparent that instead of...

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How to Group Tasks by Category and Sort by Due Date

In this article, I will introduce how to have Outlook tasks grouped by category and sorted by due date, which manages tasks better. “Categories” is a significant element in Outlook, which makes Outlook more orderly and colorful. Someone may feel a little bit strange about “Categories”, but they must have seen its icon – a square with four colors. It is so conspicuous in Outlook that no one can easily neglect it. Apart from its visual strengths, it also assist users a lot to...

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