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2 Easy Ways to Attach Folders to Emails as Hyperlinks

When adding folders directly to emails, we will receive an alert that a folder cannot be attached. In fact, we can attach them as hyperlinks. I have ever attempted to add a folder to an email message in Outlook, but failed. In normal situation, we are seldom required to attach a folder. Besides, Outlook permits the compressed files in .zip or .rar format attached to message. Thus we could compress the folder by Winzip or other compression tools. Then attach the compressed files to email....

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How to Restrict Sources of Auto-Downloading Pictures

Generally Outlook allows pictures downloaded automatically. In case of virus attacks, we should stipulate specific sources of auto-downloading pictures. In our impression, pictures are always downloaded automatically in Outlook. Regardless of their sources, Outlook permits pictures to display automatically by default. In most situations, it does offer us a lot of convenience. We wouldn’t be required to download them manually, which improves our efficiency to a large extent. However,...

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Why Not Disable AutoCorrect to Stop Disturbing Hints?

If you are always disturbed by variety of AutoComplete suggestions, disabling AutoCorrect will certainly help you a lot. With regard to AutoCorrect, I have ever appreciated it very much. Not only does it give me several editing suggestions during writing emails, but also it can help me to avert some spelling mistakes by reference to those suggestions. Since this feature is activated by default, I have never considered disabling it until I met a problem. My Problems about AutoCorrect I have a...

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