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How to Rotate Attached Pictures in Outlook

Did you receive an email with attached pictures, need to be rotated to be viewed correctly? Actually we can rotate it directly in Outlook. I have ever received many pictures attached to Outlook emails. Some pictures exactly need rotated 90 degrees or even 180 degrees to be viewed correctly. In the past, I usually saved them to local hard disk, and next used local picture application to rotate them. In contrast with the method above, rotating picture attachments directly in Outlook is much...

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How to Show Contact Groups Only in Outlook

We find that contacts and contact groups are visible in Outlook altogether. In this article, I will introduce how to show only contact groups. In Outlook Contacts, we can create, remove and share contact groups. Therefore, with these contact groups, it is unnecessary for us to select contacts individually when we need to send emails to a multiple of people. We can select the corresponding contact groups directly, which is much more convenient. However, due to the fact that contacts and...

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Getting a Receipt from a Contact in Ms Outlook – A Primer

In this article we look at the option of getting a Read receipt from the recipient of an email sent via Outlook. No matter how important you might think your email is; what if it might never be read by the recipient? So, the best way out to ensure that all your important emails are read by the recipient, you must use the smart Read Receipt or Delivery Receipt Features of MS Outlook. Even the makers at Microsoft somehow felt the need of these features to ensure that the message is read by...

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