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4 Measures to Protect Outlook from Cyber Threats

The advent of Internet benefits us a lot. But it also brings about many cyber threats. To protect Outlook effectively, you had better follow my proposals in this article. So-called Cyber Threats refer to various potential dangers on Internet, such as viruses, spyware, Trojan Horses and phishing links, etc. In previous times, these cyber menaces are not very complex. Therefore, many professionals can kill them with effortless ease. However, with Internet constantly improved, hackers are full...

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4 Rapid Steps to Assign Task to Others in Your Outlook

You must have known how to create tasks for yourselves. What about creating tasks for others? In this article, I will introduce how to assign task to other people. It is known that Outlook can not only be an email client but also our private assistant. We can create appointments and tasks in Outlook, and add reminders for them, such that Outlook will inform us in time. In such scenarios, we won’t miss any important schedules. Actually apart from creating tasks for ourselves, we can assign...

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2 Means to Seek out Unread Messages in Outlook

This article will look at 2 ways to highlight unread messages in Outlook inbox. By the 2 means, you can simply identify them from multiple emails. As a regular user of Outlook, I’ve stored a myriad of emails in my Inbox. Even though I am accustomed to cleaning expired emails at regular intervals, I still find it not easy to distinguish unread messages from read messages. Depending on this problem, I discovered two methods. Change Font Size and Color of Unread Messages At the very...

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