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How to Copy Tables from Word to Excel

When you copy a Word table into an Excel worksheet, a single Word table cell that contains some return characters will be placed in multiple Excel cells, this article will talk about how to deal with this problem. As Excel is great at performing complex calculations, you may want to import some Word tables into an Excel worksheet. By copying table from Word directly into Excel, you can avoid the need of retyping the data. However, problem may arise if a Word table includes some line or...

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How to Start Page Numbering from a Specific Page in Your Word

There may be times when you want to start page numbering later in your Word document. Follow the method in this article if you want the actual page numbers to start later. By default, Word starts page numbers on the first page of the document. However, in some cases, if the first page is a cover page, and the second page is a table of contents or contains some preliminary information, then these pages shouldn't be labeled. Fortunately, Word gives you quite a lot of flexibility in inserting...

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How to Select Custom Icon for the Object Inserted into Your Word Document

Using icons to represent the object you insert in Word is a great choice, as an icon is probably more recognizable by people. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to insert an object as an icon you select. Word provides the ability to insert objects into Word documents. Furthermore, when you insert an object, you can also choose to display it as an icon. As an icon is more recognizable by people than some blue hyper-linked text, without which you could have difficulty referencing...

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