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How to Line Up Numbers with Decimal Points in Your Word Tables

You may have a column of numbers with different lengths and places of decimal points. By lining up them with decimal points, you can compare them more intuitively. Have you ever needed to line up a group of numbers in a table with their decimal points, so that we can neatly compare them? However, no matter how you do with the paragraph alignment buttons, they just won’t line up correctly at the decimal points. Therefore, to align decimal numbers, such as weight of cargos or amounts of...

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How to Easily Create a Drop-down List in Your Word Document

We can create a drop-down list in Word, so that we just need to click on it to choose from a group of predefined options. This article will then introduce how to do that. Typically, when we are working on Word document, we need to type in texts manually. However, Word also allows us to create drop down lists that provide predefined options, so that all we need to do is just clicking on it. In this article, we will mainly talk about how to implement such a feature. Create a Drop-down...

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2 Ways to Remove the Horizontal Lines in the Header or Footer of Your Word Document

When you insert header or footer to your document, Word voluntarily adds a black horizontal line to the header or footer. This article will show you how to get rid of it. Sometimes, you may find an unwanted horizontal line after you insert header or footer to your Word, just like this: However, Word does not allow you to highlight or select it, and therefore you cannot easily get rid of them. To remove these unwanted lines quickly, you can refer to the following instructions. Method 1:...

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