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2 Methods to Enable or Disable Add-ins in Word

This is an article to demonstrate you 2 methods to enable or disable the add-ins in Word. Types of add-ins installed in your Word can absolutely lead to higher efficiency and productivity. However, at the very same moment, too many add-ins will slow your Word processing. What’s worse, they can even make Word documents unable to open. This can be frustrating enough. So, it’s quite necessary to learn tips to enable or disable all these add-ins on your own. Following are two ways to get...

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How to Print Word Documents with Background Colors or Images

In today’s article, we are going to show you what to do to print your Word document without giving up its background color. In your daily office work, you may come across printing a variety of files. And sometimes you have to print documents with background color or image sometimes. Let’s say, you possibly need to print a Word document in a way as below: By default, however, Word will not print the document with its background color on. Then, how to achieve that goal can be a real...

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2 Quick Tips to Enter Circled Numbers or Characters in Your Word Document

In the following article, we will provide you two ways to input circled numbers or characters in Word documents. Sometimes when you process a Word document, it’s necessary to mark out certain numbers or characters so as to draw attention. In fact, it will make your document easy to read. Also, readers will be more pleasant to look through a document with diversified symbols. Therefore, we are going to show you two easy and efficient methods to enter circled numbers or characters in your...

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