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How to Insert Different Types of Separators into Your Word Document

Tired of all these horizontal lines? Relax! This article will show you how to insert different types of separators in your Word document. We use Word for word processing. But reading all those pages of document without decoration can drive you crazy. As a matter of a fact, there are many occasions when we need some dividers to make our files look good. For example, you may need vertical lines for your multi-column Word document. And when you make some brochures, you certainly want them...

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3 Quick Tips to Insert Different Types of Horizontal Lines in Word Documents

In today’s article, we find out 3 easy ways to guide you when insert different types of horizontal lines in Word documents. Now and then, if you write a long Word document, you may encounter a situation where you have to add some horizontal lines. Never overlook these lines. They are often easy on the eyes so that your document will be clear and reader-friendly. Following are 3 methods for you to get different styles of lines you want. Please read on to find out the exact steps. Tip 1:...

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2 Methods to Enable or Disable Add-ins in Word

This is an article to demonstrate you 2 methods to enable or disable the add-ins in Word. Types of add-ins installed in your Word can absolutely lead to higher efficiency and productivity. However, at the very same moment, too many add-ins will slow your Word processing. What’s worse, they can even make Word documents unable to open. This can be frustrating enough. So, it’s quite necessary to learn tips to enable or disable all these add-ins on your own. Following are two ways to get...

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