Word Document Recovery

How to Completely Hide or Disable the Records of Recent Documents in Your Word

Today’s article focuses on providing the way to completely hide or disable the records of recent documents in your Word. Watch out Privacy Leak Increasing number of data breaches compel us to keep thinking about Internet security and be cautious. Privacy leak can be fatal to businesses and embarrassing to individuals. Since we confine ourselves so much to computers and all kinds of digital devices nowadays, it’s high time we started learning how to protect our privacy. This article...

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How to Calculate Data with the Built-in Calculator in Your Word

In this article below, we will show you the way to calculate data with the built-in calculator in your Word. Built-in Calculator in Word When encountering with massive calculation while using Word, will you immediately go to find a calculator? Or will you turn to open the calculator in your Computer?  As a matter of fact, neither is a perfect way out. Obviously, the first way is too inconvenient, since you cannot get a calculator all the time. As for the second one, it requires manual work...

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How to Create a Two-sided Nameplate with Your Word

  In the article below, we will going to introduce you the way to create a two-sided nameplate with your Word. Nameplates are badly needed in office environment nowadays, since they can display basic information of certain people. Moreover, a two-sided nameplate can be helpful for people of both sides of the nameplate to easily see the information. Then do you know how to make two-sided nameplates with the help of MS Word? Relax! We will show you the solution right away. Create a...

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