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3 Different Methods to Rotate Text in Your Word Document

The following article is going to propose you 3 different methods to achieve rotating text in your Word document. There are times when you want to make your Word document easy on the eye. Honestly, to insert pictures into the document can be a good choice. Then what are you going to deal with those plain texts? How can you make them seem more attractive? That is what we plan to discuss here: rotate text in Word document. However, you may know that you can’t rotate text directly. So here...

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How to Create a Multi-column Word Document

In this article, we are going to present you the detailed description of how to create a multi-column Word document. Now and then, when process words in Word, you are likely to get tired of the document style. Certainly, to create a document in multiple columns can help. However, it’s easier said than done. Some might not have a clue of how to achieve that. It is therefore that we here will explain the instructions in detail to help you make your Word document look better. Steps to...

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How to Completely Hide or Disable the Records of Recent Documents in Your Word

Today’s article focuses on providing the way to completely hide or disable the records of recent documents in your Word. Watch out Privacy Leak Increasing number of data breaches compel us to keep thinking about Internet security and be cautious. Privacy leak can be fatal to businesses and embarrassing to individuals. Since we confine ourselves so much to computers and all kinds of digital devices nowadays, it’s high time we started learning how to protect our privacy. This article...

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