Office File Recovery

Quick Guide to Handling Corruption in MDB Databases

There is no doubt that having to deal with a corrupt Access database can be a highly stressful experience. Knowing how to deal with corruption can make it easier when one actually comes across a MDB file that has been damaged. Here is our quick guide to handling corruption in Access databases. By database corruption, we typically mean when an error is found in the binary file format of the particular Access database. A corrupt database will either prevent all attempts at opening and...

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Step-by-step Approach to Recovering from MDB Corruption

Since many of us use Microsoft Access for storing important data that are more easily stored and retrieved from Access than Excel, it is also important that we understand the steps we need to take if we fear corruption in the MDB databases. The following article provides a step-by-step approach to recovering from MDB corruption. Though Microsoft Access is a powerful database, there is no doubt that there are many causes for corruption in the MDB databases used to store all the data. One...

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Top Factors Making Microsoft Access a Popular Tool

Microsoft Access is used extensively by small and medium enterprises to manage complex data as well as to analyze it quickly and efficiently. For users just making a shift to Access from other databases, here is an overview on what makes Access such a popular tool. While Access database was every effective in maintaining a database, the only drawback was that users who did not have an Access client could not view the data or make modifications. With Access 2010, it is now easy to extend...

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