Office File Recovery

Key Tips to help you carry out an access repair within minutes

Errors in Microsoft Access registry can occur due to various internal and external factors and is a common problem in Windows systems. When the MDB file which is associated with Microsoft Access becomes infected you will not be able to open and view objects that are in the database. Whenever such error occur the only option remaining is to carry out a quick and effective access repair process in which you can recover all the data. A corrupt Access file is one of the most common problems any...

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How to resolve errors experienced during mounting your access

If you are a regular user of Microsoft Access you must be aware about Microsoft Jet Database Engine which is used in various Microsoft applications including Access. Microsoft Jet 3.0 is used in the earlier version of Access like 95 and 97 while Microsoft Jet 4.0 is used in Access 2000, 2002 and 2003. Microsoft Jet does not use a transaction log and when used in a multi-user environment, there is a risk of encountering several errors while opening data and in worse case corruption of data which...

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Detecting corrupt mdb files – A Primer

Microsoft Access application is one of the most commonly used database application in the world and it stores information like tables, queries and indexes in MDB files. The MDB files which stores the information is vulnerable to various errors and corruption which can render the data unusable. It is therefore necessary to detect corrupt items and take appropriate actions to recover MDB files. There are various symptoms that may occur while opening items stored in the Access database, which...

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