Office File Recovery

The Power and Limitations of the Compact and Repair Utility of Microsoft Access

If you find that your Access database has become very large in size, you might believe that removing unwanted records would clear some space for you. However, this does not always work since frequent creation and deletion of records leads to fragmentation of the database. The Compact utility of Microsoft Access is the best tool for actually getting rid of empty space in an existing database. However, it also has certain limitations, as we will see in the following article. The Compact and...

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Taking a Closer Look at How Access Database Gets Corrupted

Every user who has worked with Microsoft Access for any length of time would have had to deal with corruption issues in the database. Access offers great scalability and is great for small to medium projects. Many third-party products also prefer to use Access as a back-end store. Despite these advantages, Access is also more prone to corruption – we will take a look at some of the main causes for corruption in Microsoft Access. To understand why Microsoft Access is more prone to...

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Simple Ways to Recover From MDB File Corruption

It is obviously preferable to take steps that will prevent any corruption in Access database. However, given that there is just one single MDB file that contains all the data as well as forms and reports, there is a greater risk of the file getting corrupted. If you have to deal with a corrupt MDB file, our article will help you easily recover data from the file. If you do not work with a shared database, you might have avoided corruption in the MDB file by taking some preventive measures...

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