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Ms Access 2013 no longer supports PivotCharts

PivotTables and charts have found wide usability in the industry thanks to their inclusion in the Ms Office package, most notably in Ms Excel. They effectively gives you the flexibility to query the data from different points of view. They also allow you to briskly summarize a large data set and drill down through a summary to the underlying data. Most importantly a whole array of analysis done in financial and business process today harness the powerful filtering and group features that...

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Ms Access 2013 is all about web apps

In the 2013 edition of Ms Office, the Access application too seems to have got a major shot in the arm. It comes in form of web apps which allow you to share the data stored in an Access database online. Essentially you get to create browser based RDMBS application that does not require any intricate coding from your part. All you need to do is select the data elements you want to monitor say contact table or a specific project and Access would do the rest. Let’s explore web apps in...

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Learn about the cause of Syntax Errors in Ms Access

The Ms Access application has over the years gained a respectable reputation as a highly flexible database solution intended for small business and professionals. With virtually no cost associated with its maintenance, it has been widely used across small firms and shops around the world. Typically a small business would hire a developer to create an application based on the Access database and then give its access to its employees. Such applications include ones for time management or data...

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