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Key Benefits of Using a Switchboard in Ms Access

The Ms Access application can be used to store a huge array of information ranging from financial data to inventory lists. Some small businesses choose to store their entire business data in Access and also develop forms and modules for specific business functions. In addition reports and queries too may be created for quick viewing of data. Now if you happen to manage the Access database you would know from where you can access a particular data or report. However an employee in your firm who...

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Dealing with an Ms Word Document from within Access

One of the key advantages of using the Ms Office application suite relates to the flexibility of including data from one application into another. For example you can include an excel table in a PPT or a word document with ease. Similarly in Access too, you can include Ms Office data files like a word documents by using the OLE field type. There maybe many scenarios where you may need to include a world file in an Access database. Imagine you are creating an employee database and wish to...

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Understand the different uses of Forms in Ms Access

For many small businesses Ms Access serves as a critical point of data storage. From payroll records to sales data, everything is stored within Access tables. At some point of time they need to create a mechanism to view or input related data and this where forms are called in. Forms in Ms Access can be created to several purposes from data reading to navigation. Let’s look at some form types in Ms Access and how they can be used to our advantage.   Sub-Forms can allow you to showcase...

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