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Working with Filters in Ms Access – A Primer

The Ms Access database has all the key elements that are expected from a commercial RDBMS. While it is limited it certain aspects, it does have a host of sophisticated features. In Access you can use queries to retrieve data from numerous tables in one go and even perform actions. In fact using SQL, you can write and execute complicated queries which can even be saved. Now given the overwhelming superiority of queries one would wonder why anyone should use filters in Ms Access. The answer lies...

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Quick tips to create Tabbed forms in Ms Access

The Ms Access application today is frequently used to run line of business applications which often have complicated data entry and access requirements. While you can design forms to perform such activities, placing too many fields or buttons on a form can clutter the user interface. So when you are looking to create detailed data entry and access forms, opting for tabbed forms would be a better choice. Take the example of a sales form where you include the details of a sale to a client....

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Practical tips for Table Design and Optimization

The Ms Access application has enough versatility in it to be used as a backend for a multiuser line of business application in a small business setup. However if you are looking at receiving quick responses and avoid bloating up the Access database, certain best practices need to be followed. Let’s look at some practical tips to keep in mind when we are creating structures in the Access database and while working on it.   Avoid Creating too many Indexes In case you have a table...

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