Office File Recovery

6 Main Reasons for Excel Files Corruption (Part I)

When we need to deal with massive data, the first tool we can think of is Excel. Developed by Microsoft, it has become more and more convenient with new functions being added. And now in most of the companies, people will rely on Excel to do their works. Excel has many different features, such as formulas, charts, data analysis and so on. With so many diverse capabilities, many people use it to solve problems in their work. Therefore, much important information relating with people’s tasks...

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How to Recover Corrupted Excel Files

Nowadays, when we need to make a sheet, Excel will occur to our mind at the first place. While sometimes we may meet some errors due to different reasons, for instance, the excel file is inaccessible. Microsoft Excel is widely applied spreadsheet software all over the world. It features calculation, data statistics, graphing tools and so on. In these days, both individual and various businesses prefer to use MS Excel to make spreadsheets. However, sometimes when we deal with complex or...

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Working with folders in Ms Outlook – Innovative ideas to Consider

For those of us who use the Ms Outlook client to access both official and personal emails, the need to tackle the huge amount emails entering the Inbox is a huge challenge. Now when you attempt to organize your emails, the first thing that enters your mind involves creating folders where you can store certain emails. Typical folders that we create include ones made per client names or projects, folders for financial data or invoices and other of their ilk. However if you really wish to get more...

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