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How to Use the Replace Feature to Change Your Cell Formats in Batch

There are many features in Excel. And some of them do favor to our work with simple steps. And we find such a substitute function contained in the Replace feature. Usually, you will use the Replace feature to find and replace some certain elements. And here is a sample of using the Replace feature to change cell formats. And in the image below, you can see many scores of students. And you need to select all “A” of those scores and change the format to highlight the good scores. But...

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How to Use SUBSTITUTE & REPLACE Functions to Change Patterns in Your Cells Automatically

Due to the special functions in Excel, more and more people rely on it to finish their work. Hence today, we will demonstrate on using SUBSTITUTE & REPLACE function to change patterns of contents in cells. SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE function are very practical in dealing with statistics. And the feature of this function can perform very well in certain condition. For instance, in this image below, there are many student numbers. Those numbers are for students of the last year. This year,...

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How to Add a Diagonal Line in Your Excel Cell

Most of the time, you will use Excel to arrange and store data. Therefore, you will be very familiar with some features of Excel cells. And some capabilities in Excel have many other usages. Hence today, we will launch the application of how to add diagonal line into the first cell. In an Excel worksheet, you will certainly make a table. For each of those tables, there will be a cell that is the header of the whole table. And usually this is the upper left cell. In this cell, you need to...

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