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How to Combine & Merge Multiple Word Documents into One

While working on Word documents, sometimes you may need to merge many different documents into a single one. This article will show you how to do it. Have you ever needed to combine and merge a bunch of separate documents into single one? Of course, you can copy and paste the content into one document file directly, if you do not have a lot of documents. However, what if you have a number of documents need to be merged? For example, an author who is writing a book may save each chapter as an...

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How to Create Personalized Letters or Emails in Batches via Mail Merge Feature in Word

You can utilize Mail Merge feature to quickly create mass mailings and letters with different information on each one. This article will mainly talk about how to do so. Mail Merge is a powerful tool designed for sending a bulk of personalized letters or emails to many different people. Each letter or email can include both standard and customized content in it. In the meanwhile, you can imports data from another source, such as Excel. With mail merge feature, you can create and send out a...

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How to Display Document Information in Your Word via Fields

If you want to automatically display document information such as word numbers and file size in your Word, you can accomplish that by inserting fields. Field is an important feature in Word. By default, many fields have been inserted for you through in-built commands, in the meanwhile, you can also create custom field in your Word document. For example, Word maintains a host of different information related to your documents, which you can see properties dialog box or toolbar menus. However,...

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