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2 Method to Quickly Enter Same Texts into Multiple Cells in Your Word Table

Sometimes you may want to insert the same texts into multiple cells of your Word table. This article will offer two tricky ways to do that. In some circumstances, you may have a large table and want to fill some blank cells with the same text. Instead of copying and pasting texts into each cell one by one, we will offer two convenient ways to do that. Method 1: Copy & Paste the Same Texts into Multiple Table Cells Actually copy & paste method will also work for multiple cells. ...

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2 Ways to Automatically Number Rows or Columns in Your Word Table

For large tables in Word, it would be more convenient if we can auto number their rows or columns. Follow this article to learn how. Many of us may know how to use the AutoNumber feature in Excel worksheets. In fact, this feature can also be applied to Word tables. For complex documents that may contain large tables, you may want Word to number the rows automatically to save time. Besides, if you have inserted auto-number to the rows or columns of a table, then you will never need to adjust...

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How to Line Up Numbers with Decimal Points in Your Word Tables

You may have a column of numbers with different lengths and places of decimal points. By lining up them with decimal points, you can compare them more intuitively. Have you ever needed to line up a group of numbers in a table with their decimal points, so that we can neatly compare them? However, no matter how you do with the paragraph alignment buttons, they just won’t line up correctly at the decimal points. Therefore, to align decimal numbers, such as weight of cargos or amounts of...

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