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2 Quick Tips to Enter Circled Numbers or Characters in Your Word Document

In the following article, we will provide you two ways to input circled numbers or characters in Word documents. Sometimes when you process a Word document, it’s necessary to mark out certain numbers or characters so as to draw attention. In fact, it will make your document easy to read. Also, readers will be more pleasant to look through a document with diversified symbols. Therefore, we are going to show you two easy and efficient methods to enter circled numbers or characters in your...

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How to Change the Default Templates for All New Workbooks & Worksheets in Excel

The feature of templates in Excel is very effective. Thus, today we will discuss about how to change the default templates for all new workbooks & worksheets. In put previous article, we have talked about creating and using Excel templates in the article: How to Save Your Time by Creating and Using Excel Templates. And in this article, we will show the methods to open Excel with the specific templates. Open with Workbook Templates This image below shows an Excel template of sales...

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How to Add Digital Signatures to Your Excel Files

In Excel, you can use an extra feature to prove your work. So in today’s article, we will introduce the Excel tips of adding digital signature into Excel. You will certainly sign your name on paper to prove something. And now you can also add your signature into Excel. Here it is called digital signature. And now follow us and see how it works. Add Digital Signature In this part, the steps of adding signature into Excel will be demonstrated. In this image, you have finished the task,...

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