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3 Quick Tips to Insert Different Types of Horizontal Lines in Word Documents

In today’s article, we find out 3 easy ways to guide you when insert different types of horizontal lines in Word documents. Now and then, if you write a long Word document, you may encounter a situation where you have to add some horizontal lines. Never overlook these lines. They are often easy on the eyes so that your document will be clear and reader-friendly. Following are 3 methods for you to get different styles of lines you want. Please read on to find out the exact steps. Tip 1:...

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2 Practical Tips to Adjust Texts in Excel Cells

In Excel, one of the most important elements is the format. Therefore, here we have 2 practical tips to adjust texts to make the interface of Excel better. Excel has provided users with many practical tips relating to texts and cells. Thus, you can use those features to adjust your worksheet interface. The text in Excel you input can also change to be better if you can use the following tips better. Method 1: Change the Text Alignment This tips talk about the text alignment. And we will...

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2 Useful Tips for Worksheet Tabs in Excel

Excel is highly customizable for users. And today we will introduce 2 useful tips for worksheet tabs. The sheet tabs lie in the bottom part of the interface in Excel. Every time you need to edit in a certain sheet, you will click the tab of that sheet. And now we will introduce 2 tips to change the default size and color of sheet tabs. Tips1: Change the Size This is the default size in Excel. If you find that the default size of the sheet tab is a little small, you can make adjustment...

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