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How to Customize and Use Your Own Cell Styles in Excel

Excel enables users to modify the default settings according to actual needs. Thus, in this article, we will discuss about the cell styles in Excel. In an Excel worksheet, the cell styles sometimes can represent special meanings. For example, you will use the color grey to indicate that this cell is the first cell of an area. And the format will be applied according to your own habit and preference. What’s more, in Excel, there are already some predefined cell styles for you to choose....

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How to Manually Input Texts into a Cell with Drop-down List in Excel

Some features in Excel may cause confusion to us. And here we have solved the problem with the drop-down list in Excel. In our previous article “How to Create Multiple Choice Questions in an Excel Form”, we have introduced the steps to create a drop-down list in cells. But sometimes when you input texts other than those in the drop-down list into the cell, Excel will show an error message. Below is an example: In this example, the cells in the first column have drop-down lists. And...

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How to Make Excel Charts More Intuitive by Adding Data Labels and Tables

The chart in Excel is a very fantastic feature to analyze data. And now we have two methods to make the chart more intuitive by adding corresponding numbers. In a chart, you surely will need to compare a multitude of data. Consequently, you need to come back to worksheet and confirm the matching number quite often. For example, this image is the sales volume of two different products. Although you can view the approximate number from the vertical axis, you still need to refer to the...

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