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3 Different Methods to Refresh Pivot Table when the Source Worksheet Data are Updated

Pivot table is quite potent in Excel. In this article, we will talk about 3 methods to refresh pivot table in Excel. The pivot table will not refresh automatically in Excel. Thus, if you have modification on the original data, you will certainly need to refresh it. For example, this worksheet records the sales volume of two products.   Besides, in another worksheet, there is a pivot table for the data and information. If you modify the original worksheet, you need to refresh the...

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What to Do if Your Word Document Displays Only on One Side

In today’s article, we will see how to solve the problem of Word documents displaying only on one side. Sometimes, when you open a Word document and are about to edit, you may run into such a situation where the document content shows only on one side of the page, leaving you unable to operate on the other one, such as the one below:    In order to address this issue, the following article offers you two causes along with their solutions. Read on to find out more. Reason 1: Word...

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How to Quickly Invoke another Application from MS Word

In this article, we will present you the way of how to invoke an application from MS Word by running a macro. When you are creating a Word document, you may have to switch from Word window to others so as to run another application. Some of you may find it not convenient. Then, we will demonstrate you a quick way that is to use the macro in Word. Here comes detailed explanation: Create a Macro Command In order to run a macro command in Word, you must first create one. First and...

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