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How to Create a Two-sided Nameplate with Your Word

  In the article below, we will going to introduce you the way to create a two-sided nameplate with your Word. Nameplates are badly needed in office environment nowadays, since they can display basic information of certain people. Moreover, a two-sided nameplate can be helpful for people of both sides of the nameplate to easily see the information. Then do you know how to make two-sided nameplates with the help of MS Word? Relax! We will show you the solution right away. Create a...

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3 Ways to Tick a Number or a Letter in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to show you how to tick a number or a letter in your Word document. Every now and then, you may need to tick a number on a Word document. However, simply inserting a tick mark cannot meet your need. Most of the time, it is the effect as below that you want to achieve:  Therefore, in the following article, we will offer you three ways to perform that. Method 1: Insert a Tick Mark Firstly, lay your cursor at a blank area in your document. Click...

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2 Quick Methods to Create an Attractive Comment with Custom Shape in Excel

If you are bored with the default comment shape, you can also change it according to your own preference. The default shape of comment is the same as the image below shows. But today, you can also change the shape. There are two different methods to change the comment shape. But actually you will use two different objects in Excel. Let’s see how the two different methods work and find out their difference. Method 1: Make the Shape Serve as Comment Shape is a very common feature in...

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