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How to Calculate Data with the Built-in Calculator in Your Word

In this article below, we will show you the way to calculate data with the built-in calculator in your Word. Built-in Calculator in Word When encountering with massive calculation while using Word, will you immediately go to find a calculator? Or will you turn to open the calculator in your Computer?  As a matter of fact, neither is a perfect way out. Obviously, the first way is too inconvenient, since you cannot get a calculator all the time. As for the second one, it requires manual work...

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How to Create a Two-sided Nameplate with Your Word

  In the article below, we will going to introduce you the way to create a two-sided nameplate with your Word. Nameplates are badly needed in office environment nowadays, since they can display basic information of certain people. Moreover, a two-sided nameplate can be helpful for people of both sides of the nameplate to easily see the information. Then do you know how to make two-sided nameplates with the help of MS Word? Relax! We will show you the solution right away. Create a...

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3 Ways to Tick a Number or a Letter in Your Word Document

In this article, we want to show you how to tick a number or a letter in your Word document. Every now and then, you may need to tick a number on a Word document. However, simply inserting a tick mark cannot meet your need. Most of the time, it is the effect as below that you want to achieve:  Therefore, in the following article, we will offer you three ways to perform that. Method 1: Insert a Tick Mark Firstly, lay your cursor at a blank area in your document. Click...

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