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How to Add and Disable Add-Ins for Your Excel Files

You can use add-ins in Excel to fulfill some complex task. And in this article, we will introduce how to add and disable add-ins in Excel. If you need to use add-ins in Excel, you need to add and activate it into Excel. On the other hand, if you don’t need to use add-ins, you can also disable it. Here we will demonstrate the steps to add and disable add-ins in Excel. Add Add-Ins Click “File” in the ribbon. And then click the button “Options”. In the “Excel Options”...

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How to Merge and Unmerge Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

The details of merge and unmerge cells in Excel will always be ignored by most of the users. Here we will discuss about this feature in detail. Merge cells is a very common feature in Excel. With this feature, you can make your worksheet better. Here we will show you the details of this feature. Merge & Center Suppose now you need to merge cells of the last row in this range. Thus, you can input the total sales volume in one cell. To finish this task, now you can merge the three...

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How to Create an Intuitive Waterfall Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Chart in Excel can help us analyze data and information better. Here we will introduce how to create an intuitive waterfall chart in Excel. Suppose now you need to create a waterfall chart for the sales volume. In this chart, you need to show the fall and rise of the sales volume based on the number of last month. Now you may follow the steps below to see how it works. Arrange the Range for the Waterfall Chart Before you create a waterfall chart, you need arrange the range in the...

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