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2 Methods to Create a Chart in an Excel Chart Sheet

If you want to create a chart in an Excel chart sheet, you can use the 2 methods in this article. You will certainly create a chart for a range in Excel. Sometimes instead of putting the chart in the same worksheet, you need to input the chart into a new chart sheet. Now you can follow the steps of the 2 methods below. Method 1: Insert a Chart Sheet Now you need to create a chart for the sales volume. Right click any of a sheet tab in the workbook. And then choose the option...

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How to Use the Different Count Functions in Excel

Count functions are the most frequently used functions in Excel. In this article, we will discuss about the different 5 count functions in detail. There are 5 variants of count functions: COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF and COUNTIFS. Below we will talk about their usages in detail. 1.      COUNT The COUNT function counts the numbers of cells that contains numbers in a designated range. Besides, it also counts the numbers in an array. And this range or array is the argument of the...

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How to Customize the Borders for Specific Ranges in Your Excel Worksheet

You can customize borders for specific ranges in Excel. And here we will introduce this feature in detail. Sometimes you need to use special borders for a certain range to make it different from other ranges. For example, in this worksheet, you need to add borders for the first row because it contains the column headers. Add Borders In this part, we will show you the steps to add borders. Select the target area. Next click the small arrow next to the button “Border”. ...

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