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A Beginner’s Guide to Create Access Macros

Creating macros is not as difficult or as scary as it sounds. Access makes it easy to set up a macro that will give you the automation you need without having to learn an entire programming language. Macros are incredibly useful tools that can save you a lot of time. However, knowing they exist is clearly not enough. You have to learn how to create them to really get the full idea of what they can do. Marcos are coded in a programming language called Visual Basic Applications, or VBA....

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2 Methods to Present Your Table Data in a Chart in Word

In this article, we will present you 2 methods to present your table data in a chart in Word. Reasons to Present Table Data in a Chart First of all, let’s take a look at why you may need to display table data in a chart in your Word document. Generally, the reasons go as below: A chart is more intuitive than a table on Word file. There is no doubt that charts can help readers easily understand data and connections among them. It’s convenient. Whenever you need a chart for your...

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3 Effective Ways to Convert Your Word Document to PDF Format

In the text below, we plan to show you 3 effective ways to convert your Word file to PDF format. Generally speaking, most of us use Word to create a document in our day to day work. Yet, when it comes to sharing file, we opt for PDF. Admittedly, files in PDF format are better in preventing others from changing your file. Therefore, our topic today is to show you 3 effective methods to convert Word files to PDF format. Method 1: Directly Save Word File in PDF Format Firstly, open the...

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