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How to Deploy Your Access Database for End Users

Once your database is ready for users to start importing and entering information, it is time to deploy it. There are some things you should do to ensure the database remains as easy to use for end users as it was for you and the testers. The whole point of a database is for tracking and maintaining data. That is rarely a one-person job. Once you finish building your database, you have to start thinking about deploying it to others. While this can be done in many different ways, there are...

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6 Basic Principles to Building a Better Database

The way you build the database plays a large role in how users interact with a database. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a database expert to build a nearly perfect database for you and your users. The way you build your database is going to determine how successful it is. Access makes it easy to design databases, even if you are not a developer. Like a developer, you need to know what the customer’s expectations are, but that is only the beginning The following six principles will...

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3 Quick Methods to Show or Hide Gridlines in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes you need to show or hide gridlines to fulfill some tasks. Here we will provide 3 quick methods to show or hide gridlines easily. In your Excel worksheet, the gridlines can help you distinguish different cells. But on the other hand, sometimes you don’t need the gridlines. Therefore, you need to hide them. Below are the 3 different methods that you can apply. Method 1: Use Features in Toolbar There are two different places in the toolbar that you can show or hide gridlines....

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