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The Beginner’s Guide on Access Controls (Part I)

Controls are the different elements that are used to ensure data is entered in a way that is acceptable for data maintenance and tracking. From text boxes to drop down lists, there are a number of different controls you can implement to keep your data clean. If you don’t provide controls to your database, you can end up with some very messy looking data. Microsoft Access provides controls so that you can limit the kind of information and method of entering information in Access. Many...

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How to Work with the Access Expression Builder

Access is constantly changing to make it easier to build a database you can start using quickly. The Expression Builder helps to speed up the process by making it easier to build expressions. The latest versions of Microsoft Access include an Expression Builder. With a wide range of applications, it is an incredibly useful tool for those who are less experienced with Access. Even if you know a good deal about Access, it can still be helpful for setting up basic expressions instead of having...

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How to Fill Blank Table Cells with Same Text in Batches in Your Word Document

In the article below, there are instructions enabling you to fill blank table cells with same text in batches in your word document. Now and then if you send Word tables for others to fill, you can always get them back with some blank table cells. On one hand to leave them alone in blank will to some degree compromise your Word document look. On the other hand, you need to input same text in those blank cells sometimes. It is therefore we here present you the detailed steps to fill blank...

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