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4 Easy Ways to Change the Case of Texts in Your Word Document

In this article, we will take a look at 4 easy ways to change the case of your texts in Word documents. Now and then when it comes to organize and format texts in Word, one of many things you need to keep in mind is the issue of case change. Meanwhile it’s quite often that different documents serving for various purposes require varying text cases. Therefore, it’s necessary to grasp the most common ways of changing text case and be well informed of the best way to apply in all...

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How to Use the Selection Pane to Manage Shapes in Your Excel Worksheet

Many users will ignore the functionality of selection pane in Excel. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about this feature in detail. The selection pane will take effect on shapes, including pictures, shapes, comments and other objects in an Excel worksheet. If in an excel worksheet, there are many such objects, you will be unable to deal with them easily. At this time, you can turn to the selection pane for help. Activate the Selection Pane Before you manage shapes in your Excel...

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The Beginner’s Guide on Access Controls (Part II)

Layouts are a great way to ensure users are able to easily use your forms and reports. By understanding your layout options and the basics of working with them, you will be able to offer a more user-friendly database to end users. Controls can be tricky. By ensuring the layout is done correctly, you can ensure that the controls continue to work as intended. The following will help you develop the right layout or update an existing one. Each form and report needs to be considered as a...

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