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2 Methods to Add Additional Words to Your Excel Dictionary

In your Excel worksheet, you will certainly input some additional words into cells. Hence, here we will discuss about how to add those additional words to the Excel dictionary. When you use the spelling feature to check the worksheet, the Excel will also regard some additional words as mistakes. Those additional words can be the name of a company, the name of certain products or some abbreviations. At this moment, you can directly ignore it. However, the next time you check your workbook,...

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4 Quick Ways to Make Your Word Table Cell Accommodate More Characters

In the following article, we will provide you with 4 quick ways to enable your Word table cell accommodate more characters. While working on a Word table which requires fixed size, you may come across such a situation when a certain cell fails to accommodate enough words you need. Therefore, this article aims at offering you 4 different methods available in 2 varying situations. Just take a look and apply them accordingly. Situation 1: No Requirements on Font and Font Size First, if your...

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How to Quickly Copy a Cell Down or to the Right in Your Excel Worksheet

Sometimes in your Excel worksheet, you need to input the same contents into multiple cells. And in this article, we will show you how to fulfill this task by copying a cell down or to the right in worksheet. In certain circumstance, you need to input the same contents into a range. If those cells are adjacent, you can first input the contents into a cell and then copy it down or to the right. And the target area can be a cell or a range. Instead of using the copy and paste feature or the...

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