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How to Show the Data Changes in Win/Loss Sparklines in Your Excel

You will certainly analyze the change of data in your Excel worksheet. Today, we will show you how to use the win/loss sparklines chart to analyze data. The data in the worksheet need to be deeply analyzed. And you can use many methods in Excel to analyze data. In our previous article Sparkline - Mini Chart to Show Data Trends in Your Excel Worksheet, we have introduced the line sparklines in detail. And now we have found that the win/loss sparklines in Excel can also show the data...

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3 Quick Ways to Recheck Both the Spelling and Grammar of Your Word Document

In this article, we will offer you 3 quick and effective ways to recheck both the spelling and grammar of your Word document. The “Spelling and Grammar” checker in Word is absolutely a huge helper for us. Word flags out any spelling and grammar mistakes it detects. We can benefit a lot from the feature. However, when we do the check through our document, especially a long one, we tend to click “Ignore” to skip some points, for there may be stuff like codes on our document. Demand...

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3 Ways to Exclude Texts in Parentheses or Brackets from Word Count

In this article, we will provide you with 3 effectual methods to exclude texts in parentheses or brackets from word count. There are times when we write a Word document, we’d like to put some illustrative texts in parentheses or brackets to help both readers and ourselves understand the article better. However, here is the bothering fact that Word by default counts them all. And sometimes you may just want to see how many “effective” words you have instead of getting a number including...

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