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How to Switch Among Hundreds of Columns Swiftly in Excel

In an Excel worksheet, there are many rows and columns. So the cells are enough for you to input statistics. Hence today we will launch the Excel tips to switch columns quickly. Excel has the ability of accommodating huge amount of statistics. Thus more and more people choose to use it in their work. However, you may find such a problem that once you input a lot of information, it will be inconvenient to check certain data. If there are hundreds of columns, you need to use scroll bar to...

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4 Simple Ways to Insert Worksheets in Excel

Excel enables you to classify the statistics according to different attributes. Thus, the clear classification can help you improve your work efficiency. And in this essay, we will launch some Excel methods to insert worksheet. In a new Excel file, there are three worksheets by default. And usually in your work, you will  add many worksheets. Therefore, you will need to add more worksheet in your Excel file. So in the following context, we put forward four Excel methods of inserting new...

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2 Easy Tips to Show All Digits of a Number in Excel

Excel contains numerous features, which is very helpful and handy for us. And in this blog, we will introduce two Excel tips about the format of number. Sometimes you will find such a condition: The length of a number is larger than or equal to 12 digits. As a result, it will automatically change into science notation. For example, the number 100,000,000,000 will change into 1E+11. To show digits of a number, we provide two Excel tips in the following text. An Example of Student Number In...

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