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How to Use the Header & Footer Feature in Your Excel (Part I)

The header & Footer feature in Excel is a very useful functionality. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about this feature in detail. In Excel, if you want to insert page numbers or other elements in a worksheet, you can use the head & Footer feature. And it is especially useful when you need to print the worksheet. Insert Page Number In this workbook, you can see that there are two different data sets about sales volume. And now you need to print it. But without...

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How to Use the Header & Footer Feature in Your Excel (Part II)

In the previous article, we have talked about the page numbers and inserting the automatically generated contents. And now we will continue demonstrate about other usages of header & footer. Except for the page numbers and other elements, you can also insert images to make the worksheet more unique. And one of the methods is inserting images into it. Insert Background Picture into Worksheet This is different from inserting an image into a worksheet directly. In addition, if you need...

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How to Change the Default Templates for All New Workbooks & Worksheets in Excel

The feature of templates in Excel is very effective. Thus, today we will discuss about how to change the default templates for all new workbooks & worksheets. In put previous article, we have talked about creating and using Excel templates in the article: How to Save Your Time by Creating and Using Excel Templates. And in this article, we will show the methods to open Excel with the specific templates. Open with Workbook Templates This image below shows an Excel template of sales...

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