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3 Practical Methods to Move around a Worksheet in Your Excel

Some basic manipulations in Excel are very clever. And in this article, we will introduce 3 methods to move around a worksheet. You will certainly move around worksheets to check for some data and information. And except for using the mouse wheel, there are also 3 ways to move. Method 1: Use the Scroll Bar This is a very common method in Excel. But it is very useful in your actual manipulation. There are two scroll bars in the interface of worksheet: the vertical scroll bar and the...

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How to Import Data from Other Excel Worksheets

The worksheets in Excel will have deep relation with each other. And now we will demonstrate how to import data from other worksheets. The multiple worksheets in Excel will work together to help you solve your problem. And you can also built connection through importing data from other sheets. In this image below, you can see that this is the worksheet of sales volume of different sales representative. Now you need to import the sales volume of “DataNumen Excel Repair” to another...

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3 Tips about How the Selected Cell will Change on Different Shortcut Keys in Excel

Selection in Excel is the most basic action we will make. And in this article, we will talk about the selected cell will change on different shortcut keys. There are many different methods to select certain cells. One of the methods is using the buttons on the keyboard. For instance, you will use the arrow keys to change the position. And in this article, we will discuss about the “Enter” and “Tab” buttons in detail. Tip 1: Change the Direction of Enter button You will find that...

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