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3 Tips about How the Selected Cell will Change on Different Shortcut Keys in Excel

Selection in Excel is the most basic action we will make. And in this article, we will talk about the selected cell will change on different shortcut keys. There are many different methods to select certain cells. One of the methods is using the buttons on the keyboard. For instance, you will use the arrow keys to change the position. And in this article, we will discuss about the “Enter” and “Tab” buttons in detail. Tip 1: Change the Direction of Enter button You will find that...

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How to Compare Values Side by Side via Bi-directional Bar Charts in Excel

You will certainly use the bar chart to analyze important values. And now we will demonstrate the creation of a bi-direction chart in Excel. There are many methods about charts in Excel. Now if you want to compare the values in cells, you can also realize it in a bi-direction chart. In the image below, you can see that there are values about two different sales representatives. Now you can insert such a chart and compare their sales volume. Insert a Bi-direction Chart Here are the...

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5 Minutes to Create an Attractive Doughnut Chart in Your Excel

Chart in Excel can make the data and information more intuitive. In this article, we will have a brief understanding of doughnut chart in Excel. If you want to analyze the percentage of data in Excel, the doughnut chart is a very good choice. It is in the form of a doughnut, and you can see the percentage directly from the chart. Create a Doughnut Chart The process of creating a doughnut chart is very easy. In the image, you can see the sales volume of each season. And you can create a...

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