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How to Create an Intuitive Waterfall Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Chart in Excel can help us analyze data and information better. Here we will introduce how to create an intuitive waterfall chart in Excel. Suppose now you need to create a waterfall chart for the sales volume. In this chart, you need to show the fall and rise of the sales volume based on the number of last month. Now you may follow the steps below to see how it works. Arrange the Range for the Waterfall Chart Before you create a waterfall chart, you need arrange the range in the...

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How to Use Advanced Filter to Filter Data with Complex Criteria in Your Excel

You will always use the feature of filtering data in Excel. Today we will show you how to filter data with complex criteria by advanced filter in Excel. Suppose now you need to filter data in the two columns. You can certainly filter data through the feature of “Sort & and Filter”. But if your criteria are complex, you can also use advanced filter in the worksheet. And we will show you how to use the advanced filter to filter data in Excel. Filter Data with Complex Criteria ...

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How to Insert Pictures into Cells in Your Excel Worksheet

It is easy to insert pictures into Excel worksheets. In this article, we will show you how to embed pictures into cells. In general, you cannot insert an image into a cell directly. But with additional settings, the image can stay in the designated cell. Insert Pictures into Worksheets Here we will demonstrate the steps to insert an image into the worksheet. Click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon. Next click the button “Picture” in the toolbar. In the “Insert Picture”...

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