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How to Create a Dynamic Line Chart with Checkboxes in Your Excel Worksheet

If the line chart in Excel will refer to a lot of data and information, this chart will totally be in a mess. Hence, you can use the checkboxes to create a dynamic line chart in your Excel worksheet. Sometimes you will analyze a lot of data and information by just one line chart. However, all the information in one chart will interfere with your analysis. The image below shows a line chart that contains all the information. The effect of this line chart is actually very terrible. Thus,...

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How to Merge Multiple Workbooks to One Workbook via Excel VBA

When you need to collect information from other people, you will receive multiple Excel workbooks. And in this article, we will introduce the methods to merge multiple workbooks by using Excel macro. When you have received multiple workbooks, you will find it hard to manage those files. All the information is separate in those different files. In the image below, you can see that there are several workbooks. In each file, there are the sales volumes of this month. Now you need to input...

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2 Effective Methods to Spell Check Contents in Your Excel Worksheet

Excel will not add additional mark for incorrect contents. Therefore, you can use the 2 methods in this article to spell check contents in your Excel worksheet. In a word file, you will see some red wavy lines or green wavy lines in certain words. And those lines tell you that there may be some incorrect words or usages. However, in Excel, there is no such mark. In the image below, there is no additional mark in the worksheet. However, this doesn’t mean that all the words in this...

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