Access Database Recovery

Learn about the importance of Now() function in Ms Access

When you are running a line of business application in Ms Access there may be a need to record the time at which an entry was made. For example an application designed to record attendance and time management in your office may need to record the time when an user logged into the MIS system. Now this possible with the help of the Now() function in Ms Access which essentially marks the data along with the specific time in which a record entry was made into the database.   Importance of...

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Ms Access is Prone to Corruption during the Development Stage

For using any database you need to create applications or structures for facilitating data access or input. The Ms Access application comes with inbuilt form designers and modules which can be used to create simple applications around it. Moreover you can also create completely independent applications that use the Ms Access as a backend. During the stage where you are developing your application and testing the Access database, crashes may occur. In some cases data corruption issues may crop...

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Key Security Features in Ms Access – A Primer

Most Access users typically love to work on this database owing to its overall simplicity. Since Ms Access is often defined by its simplicity, some users tend to believe that from a security point of view Ms Access is unlikely to stand against other database applications in the market. The truth is quite the opposite and Ms Access can boast of set of security features that can holds its own against myriad threats. In this article we would look at several such security features that Access comes...

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