Access Database Recovery

Network Aspects to Consider while running Ms Access from a server

Over the last decade, the Ms Access application has found a very prominent place in many small businesses which have relied on its efficient data management and storage capabilities. Many have created custom applications to run on an Access backend which are used by multiple users. In many cases such applications have been deployed without much thought by making a common office PC as server and giving access to other users. While Access is capable of handling around hundred concurrent users...

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Key Business Functions where Ms Access can be used in a Small Business

The Ms Access application which ships with the Ms Office software suite is typically available with nearly every other small business. While the presence of the software is rather widespread, many small businesses fail to take advantage of this powerful application since they cannot figure out where it may be useful. Instead they resort to using spreadsheets in several areas where a relational database would be the perfect choice. In this article we would look at business scenarios where an Ms...

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Consider Enforcing Referential Integrity in Ms Access

When we look at the advantages of using relational databases like Access over spreadsheets, we find that their capacity to enforce referential integrity makes a significant difference. For those unfamiliar with the concept of referential integrity, the term essentially refers to shared relationship between multiple tables in an RDBMS. The concept can be best explained with an example. Consider an employee database used for disbursal of salary and other benefits. It has several tables with one...

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