Access Database Recovery

Think Before you Choose a Primary Key in Ms Access

The Ms Access application has a wide user base and it includes both professional programmers and average computer users. In fact the number of people, ranging from office executives to small business owners, using the Ms Access database base with very little technical knowledge is considerably high. While using the Ms Access application is extremely easy, the lack of technical knowledge can cause hassle at times. Take the case of selecting a primary key while creating a table to store records....

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Quick Guide to Backing up your Ms Access Database

In the computing world, backups play a crucial role in protecting your data during unfortunate circumstances. In case of Ms Access, the need to take regular backups is very essential as the application remains vulnerable to several issues. It is a well known fact that Ms Access database has a relatively compact limit of 2GB for most iterations and even if the database size reaches the 1GB figure, it can start to behave inconsistently. Moreover the Access database remains acutely vulnerable to...

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Learn about the importance of Now() function in Ms Access

When you are running a line of business application in Ms Access there may be a need to record the time at which an entry was made. For example an application designed to record attendance and time management in your office may need to record the time when an user logged into the MIS system. Now this possible with the help of the Now() function in Ms Access which essentially marks the data along with the specific time in which a record entry was made into the database.   Importance of...

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